Class Reports of Center Minami Campus ~ センター南キャンパス

“We went to Zoorasia!!!” I just wanted to say, thank you all for coming out to our Celebratory Graduation Zoo Trip!

Everyone had lots of fun as we started off our journey with an exciting venture using the Yokohama Transit System.


We saw many varieties of animals as we made our way through the exhibits. From the small and adorable meercats, intimidating and powerful lions, to the gentle and gigantic elephants. Everyone was in awe as they got to view some of their favorite animals in candid fashion.

普段と変わらず、移動中や園内でも英語で会話をする子どもたちは、Mapをみながら、”I want to see the Okapi, first. This way!”と道案内をしたり、”Look at the baby chimpanzee. He’s so lovely!” と友達同士で話していました。動物を見て、子ども達が発する言葉の一つ一つに、成長を感じました。

The students also enjoyed the Zoo’s enormous jungle gym, where they had a chance to emulate some of the chimpanzees they had seen.


We concluded our afternoon with a hearty lunch (thank you mothers & fathers), a fun ride on the “Okapi Bus”, with full tummies, happy smiles, and fond new memories…

“Once again, thanks to all in attendance and I hope to see you again soon!”


Delicious !

Yummy !

Good !!

Tasty !!


Our newly appointed “Universe” students have been highly anticipating their first “Edison Study”.  They are taught how to properly use pencils/pens and scissors as well as given difficult and challenging Tangrams (Geometric Puzzles) to decipher.

新年中さんはエジソン学習のデビューをしました。 この活動を去年からずっと楽しみにしてきたので、みんなそれぞれのお道具箱をもってウキウキな様子!早速テキストを開いて、線なぞり、ひらがな、ぬりえ、初めてはさみも使いました。ブロックを使って空間認識力も高めていきます。みんなの集中力に先生たちもびっくりでした。そして頼れる先輩、年長さんはEdisonリーダーになって、必要なものがきちんと机の上にそろっているか、始める前に確認していました。Thank you!