Teachers at KIS


Learning English isn’t always easy, but we have a staff full of patient, friendly teachers whose job it is make sure that students understand what they’re being taught. Most classes pair a native English speaker with an English-speaking Japanese staff member to ensure students’ safety and comfort.

We’re all eager to meet you!


Native English-Speaking Teachers at KIS

Caryn ― Instructor, British

Hello! My name is Caryn and I am from the United Kingdom. Every day in my class is a new adventure with lots of new English to learn and practice. I’m happy always happy to help, so feel free to ask if you have any questions about tricky grammar or silly spellings!

nikkoNikko ― Instructor, Australian

Hi Everyone! My name is Nikko and I come from Brisbane, Australia. I came to Tokyo in October, 2013 to study Japanese. I enjoy writing songs, playing the guitar and singing. To relax, I like to cook and in my spare time, I like to design and make clothes. My favorite sport is soccer. I am very excited to be at Kitty Intl. School and am looking forward to meeting you all.

hollyHolly ― Instructor, British

I absolutely love working with children—singing, dancing, playing, learning—it’s fun to be a kid!! I strive to create a positive and fun atmosphere for my students so all learners can excel and enjoy themselves.

Beau ― Instructor, American

Hello, my name is Beau! I am half Argentinean and half Filipino, but I was born in Los Angeles, California.I enjoy playing sports and practicing my boxing.

I look forward to becoming accomplished English teacher in the future. I hope your children will enjoy my class as much as I will enjoy teaching them.Thank you very much for choosing KIS.

KIM ― Instructor, British

HI! I’m KIM ( but you can call me Kimmie ).  I love dancing and reading, so one any given day you’ll either find me curled up with a book or dancing with my friends.I studied English language at university and hosted a radio show so I’m always encouraging better pronunciation and big voices!

Sabrina ― Instructor, Australian

Hi! My name is Sabrina and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been living in Japan for over 2 years and I love travelling to new places making unforgettable memories and meeting different people.

I also enjoy design, philosophy and cooking. I am to create an enjoyable environment where students can experience and practice English freely and productively.

Richie ― Instructor, Australian

Hello everyone! I’m Richie and I’m from Australia, but I grew up in Japan. I went to an international school and made friends from all over the world there. In my free time, I like making music and snowboarding.

Currently, I am studying “materials and life sciences” at university. I’m really excited to be teaching kids. They always surprise me and make my day interesting!

Native Japanese Teachers at KIS

テレサ斉藤/Teresa Saito― General Kindergarten Principal (GKP)



j_dragon_newドラゴン斉藤/Dragon Saito ― CEO

Hello, nice to meet you! I was born and raised in Tokyo. I learned English at Kitty Club for 9 years. That experience gave me a lot of opportunities in my life. I have been to many countries such as U.S.A., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Australia, China and Korea. I really look forward to our students becoming internationally minded. Let’s learn English together. It will be fun!


j_jediジェダイ 内藤/Jedi Naito ―

 School Duties Department (SDD)  / Kndergarten Campus Division (KCD)

Hello! My name is Jedi Knight. I like all kinds of things like playing Futsal, and watching soccer on T.V. or in a stadium. .I especially like dogs and cats and also love traveling. .I’ve been to England, France, different parts of the USA, and Australia. I know I will enjoy studying everything with you all at Kitty International School!


j_julieジュリー内田/Julie Uchida ―  Head Campus Officer (HCO) of Center Minami campus

Hi, I’m Julie! My hobbies are playing piano, traveling around the world, and climbing mountains!! I was in England for two years to work at an international nursery school and now I’m working at Kitty!! I am always surprised that Kitty’s children enjoy speaking English, and are learning English quickly. I will share how the children are growing !

こんにちは、ジュリーです! 趣味は小さい頃から習っているピアノ、海外旅行。 登山などアウトドアな活動も好きです!! 二年間イギリスに住み、現地のインターナショナル保育園で働き、キティに来ました。 キティの子どもたちがどんどん英語を吸収してレッスンを楽しんでくれることがとても嬉しいです。 誰よりも元気な声とPOWERで盛り上げていきます!!

j_summerサマー霜田/Summer Shimoda ― School Manager

Hello!! Nice to meet you! My name is Summer and I’m from Yamanashi. I love children very much. When I was a student I studied English. I majored in teaching English to children.

初めまして、サマーです。専門学校で、児童英語を専攻していました。子どもが大好きなのはもちろんですが、たくさんの子ども達、そしてママ達と出会え、楽しい時間をすごすことが出来て毎日わくわくです!!子ども達への情熱は誰にも負けませんよ!!「祭り女」「手打ちうどん娘」「たこ焼き娘」といったニックネームがつくほど、KISのイベントが大好きです。イベントを通して英語力に加え精神的にも成長する生徒と共に成長し続けたいと思います。一児の母になったBig smileサマーがクラスでお待ちしています。

j_bettyベティ大杉/Betty Osugi ― School Manager

I’m from Fukushima. My hometown is close to the sea and mountains, so I like nature. I have also lived in USA for two years. That’s why I started studying English. I love English and kids, so I hope you will enjoy the lessons with me.


スカイラ清水/Skyla Shimizu ― School Manager



リア杉山/Lea Sugiyama ― School Manager


Hi! I’m Lea. One of my hobbies is traveling abroad. Especially I love Hawaii so I’ve visited there over 10 times so far. I majored in childcare in University, and also studied English in Australia for a year. I can’t wait to play and enjoy our time in KIS with all KIS students!

こんにちは、夏生まれのリアです! 趣味は海外旅行、特にハワイが大好きで、今まで10回以上訪れています。大学時代は保育を専攻していました。また、オーストラリアへ1年間の留学も経験し、子どもと英語がどんどん好きになりました。キティの子ども達と一緒に元気に遊べることがとっても楽しみです!

メロディ獨古/Melody Dokko   ― School Manager



ケイティ谷口/Katy Taniguchi ― School Manager



j_sugarシュガー松田/Sugar Matsuda ― Instructor

Hello! My name is Sugar. I was born and grew up in Nagoya. I have two children and a dog named Kuru. When I was a high school student, I went to America to study English as an exchange student. I’ve been to countries in both Europe and Asia as well. It’s really fun to understand the cultures of other countries. Please use what you have learned here to explore the world and broaden your horizons!



j_martyマーティ満江/Marty Mitsue ― Instructor

Hello! I’m Marty and I’m from Kobe. I have been to Montreal, Canada and England to study English. I taught English for six years as a volunteer at my child’s elementary school. Let’s enjoy studying English together.

こんにちは、マーティです!私は神戸の出身です。 英語の勉強のためにカナダとイギリスに行ったことがあります。子どもの小学校で、英語ボランティアとして、6年間教えていたことがあります。 いっしょに楽しく、英語を勉強しましょう。

j_megメグ相川/Meg Aikawa ― Instructor

Hello! When I was in elementary school I lived in Canada for five years. Since coming back to Japan I’ve continued to study English and use it as much as I can!

I’m very happy to be teaching other children English and hope they can have a better future by using the skills they have learned at KIS!

j_annieアニー久貫/Annie Kunugi― Instructor

Hello! My name is Annie. I was born and raised in Osaka, but have also lived in Australia and Thailand. I like traveling abroad and watching movies. I want to make many children smile at Kitty Club. Let’s enjoy English together!


ココ北村/Coco Kitamura ― Instructor



タイラー半澤/Tyler Hanzawa― Instructor

Hello. My name is Tyler. I’m from Kanagawa. I have lived in the US and Holland.

I like cooking and Japanese Tea ceremony (eating Japanese WAGASHI confectionaries).

I have several foreign friends who have children. We learn and help a lot of things from each other and enjoy the different of language and culture. It’s fun to make friends. Let’s make friends all over the world!






エイミー石井/Amy Ishii ― Instructor





マイカ渡部/Maica Watanabe ― Instructor

I’m from Aizu in Fukushima prefecture. It is a place very far in the countryside I almost ate bear meat !

My hobby is Japanese Animation and video games. And I like taking bath time. I’m good at singing songs.

My favorite food is sushi and chocolate.





ハナ飯島/Hana Iijima― Instructor

Hi, I’m Hana Iijima and I’ve just joined KIS. My hobby is to bake bread –to eat it, too, of course – and to knit. I also like to watch movies. I’m looking forward to spending time with KIS children.


フルート棗/Flute Natsume― Instructor



アンジー伊藤/Ansie Ito― Instructor

I was born and grown up in Tokyo. I am so-called “Edo-kko” as my parents and grandparents also lived in Tokyo. My nickname “Angie” was named by the previous U.S. colleagues because my name “Atsuko” was not easy to pronounce for them. I like playing tennis, and after moving to Yokohama-city, enjoy it at the tennis school once a week.


キャロル釜田/Carol Kamada― Instructor

Hello. My name is Carol. I have taught English for 5 years at the English school. I like kids so I really enjoy KIS’s life. My hobby is driving a car, listening to the music. Rock music especially makes me happy!!


ナンシー近藤/Nancy Kondo― Instructor



シモン安次冨/Simone Ajitomi― Instructor



モニカ白石/Monica Shiraishi― Instructor

Hi, I’m Monica. I grew up in Yokohama. I’ve been a big fan of foreign movies and dramas since I was a junior high student. They got me interested in English. I’ve experienced studying English in Australia as an exchange student during high school.  My favorite things are watching movies, playing tennis, and playing dodgebee with my daughters and son.  I love spending time with children, so I’m very happy to help KIS kids challenge many things!!  Let’s have fun learning English together!


マリー水島/Marie Mizushima― Instructor


アリス河内/Alice Kawachi― Instructor

Hi, I’m Alice. Nice to meet you! I’m from Kyoto. In my free time, I like going out for a walk with my dogs. I really like walking because it makes me feel great!


エルサ古保/Elsa Kobo― Instructor

Hello! My name is Elsa. I’m from Osaka and now I live in Yokohama with my family. We once lived in U.S. and my children went to American elementary school. I’m interested in history of both Japanese and of other countries. English helps me understand foreign histories and cultures. I’m so happy to join KIS. Its atmosphere is very nice. Kids are so cute!! I love all of them!


エレーヌ春山/Irene Haruyama― Instructor

I have a husband, a daughter and a son. My daughter has a 4-year-old son. My dream is to make picture books in English. But my English ability is poor. So I learn English with KIS children and want to increase words with life.