Regarding corona virus(COVID-19)

08 4月

Regarding corona virus(COVID-19)【Kitty International School】

Due to the declared state of emergency, all ESL classes(Eikaiwa classes) at KIS will be closed from tomorrow April 8th, until May 6th. Kindergarten classes and Gaku-do classes at Futakotamagawa Campus will remain open for now since these classes have the responsibility for social welfare. However, there is a high chance that we will close the school the day after tomorrow. We must avoid confined spaces, crowded areas and close distance to others, as such our school activities are conducted primarily outside at the moment. If your child can stay home safely, the best condition is chosen by parents. When the school needs to close we will announce it ASAP here and on our website.

Due to the current situation, we have decided to operate the school with the minimum requirements and staff.
I ask for your understanding in these challenging circumstances.
If you have any questions, I kindly ask you to send it through email.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.




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