All about Jedi Naito

ジェダイ 内藤/Jedi Naito ― School Duties Department (SDD)  / Kindergarten Campus Division (KCD)

こんにちは。ジェダイです。わたしはKISのいちばん最初の生徒の一人で、小学校は東京学芸大学附属世田谷小学校(通称・ガクセタ)を卒業しました。名前からお察しの通り、STAR WARS好きです。犬や猫などの動物も大好きです。私がKIS生だった頃、もう20~30年前ですが、愛犬のベルとアリスは当時、等々力スクールで人気者でした♪私は理科、とりわけ生物が得意でしたので、大学では農学部で勉強していました。私の趣味は、フットサルやサッカー観戦です。



Hello, I’m Jedi. I was one of the students of the early Kitty International School and a graduate of  Setagaya Elementary  School attached to Tokyo Gakugei  University. As you know, I like Star Wars. I love animals such as dogs and cats. My pet dogs Belle and Alice were very popular among Todoroki school students 20 to 30 years ago when I was a KIS student.
I was very good at science, especially biology, so I studied at the Faculty of Agriculture at university.
My favorite hobby is watching futsal and soccer games. I also like traveling and I’ve been to many foreign countries such as the UK, France, the USA(Guam, Saipan, L.A., Florida), Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Australia.

I guided KIS students to GHDN, KIS’s sister school in London, during our “Studying Abroad with Parents” event. I was very moved to see that KIS students would challenge themselves during the high level class, and that they didn’t hesitate to use their English skills to make friends with GHS students, as they would fellow KIS students at home in Japan. From now on, I want to enjoy and learn many more things with all of you.

In my private life, I am a mother to two children. Usually, I devote myself to educational activities, but I also use my previous experience as a Systems Engineer (SE) to manage the KIS website. With all of my previous experience in nursery school, teaching English, as well as raising my own children, I will support your children with everything I have.