Special measures for tuition due to a declared state of emergency

24 4月

The measures for those who wish to continue their studies will be explained here.

Those who wish to withdraw from the school will be required to submit a notice of withdrawal from the school in accordance with the regulations, and will be charged on a pro-rated basis for the number of days the class is closed. See Example 1.

Monthly fees and tuition for class closures (from 4/8 or 4/9) will be deducted from the following month’s/semester’s tuition, from closure day until the day before the school reopens (scheduled for May 6th), calculated on a daily basis.
However, expenses for teaching materials and uniforms are not included. See Example 2.

Please note that we plan to revise the amount of the bank debit in May.

Example 1-1
If you asked to leave in April (except Kinder)

At the earliest, you can cancel your membership at the end of May.
The monthly fee for May (e.g. 10,000 yen) will be deducted on a pro-rated basis (e.g. 3/4=7,500 yen) due to the class closure in April. In this case, the monthly fee for May will be 2,500 yen.

Example 1-2
Kinder students who have paid their tuition for the semester and wish to withdraw from the school (see Rule B-4)

Basic calculation rules for payment at the time of leaving school (at least one month’s notice).
If there is a difference between the paid tuition and the monthly fixed price tuition, we will refund it after deducting an administrative fee of 5,000 yen.
The monthly price for April (see B-2) is calculated based on the number of days the school is open. Since the school is open 5/19 days, for example
Student: 225,000 yen x 5/19 = 59,210 yen.
First, subtract any non-refundable amounts, such as school fees, academies, etc., from payment made. If the remaining paid tuition is 530,000 yen, you will receive a refund of 530,000 – 59,210 (April is only for 5 days) – monthly payment for May, regular price 225,000 – 5,000 yen for administrative fee = 240,790 yen total to be refunded. May fee will remain unchanged, whether the student attends or not.

Example 2(Non-deductible items)

The cost of teaching materials for personal use.
Uniform and gym clothes fee.
Fees not applicable to other tuition fees.
(In the case of kindergarten: maintenance costs, classroom materials, school lunches, bus childcare, and academy fees can be prorated. The total amount will be prorated and deducted on the next payment of fees).
If you wish to withdraw from the school, all of the above are not refundable (see Rule B-4).



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